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July 25
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Vertex - Theme by horst3180 Vertex - Theme by horst3180
Vertex GTK theme contains three variants: Vertex (dark header-bars and toolbars), Vertex-Light (completely light) and Vertex-Dark (completely dark).

This theme supports Gnome 3.10, 3.12, 3.14, Ubuntu 14.04 and Elementary OS Freya. Also the tabs you are seeing in nautilus, gedit, etc. are only included in the Gnome 3.12 and above versions due to the reworked tab system.

For Ubuntu 14.04, please use the 3.10 version and for Elementary OS Freya, please use the 3.12 version.

A Chrome/Chromium theme is included.


gnome-themes-standard package for the GTK3 theme. Murrine and pixbuf engines for the GTK2 theme.

For installation instructions please read the included README, especially the troubleshooting section if you have any issues. If this doesn't fix your problem file a bug report.

If you have problems with sublime text download this link and make sure to read the included instructions first.

If Gnome-Shell crashes with this theme, have a look at READMEs troubleshooting section.

Get the latest version at Github. But beware this contains untested changes and may break.

Other Info

Wallpaper: Spring weather by enioku
Icons used in the preview:
Folder icons: selfmade mod of BeautyFolds by Metalbone1988
Launcher icons: White Pixel Icons by darkdawg

Licence: GPLv3


Initial release

Fixed Synaptic toolbar
Included fix for Sublime Text
Fixed index.theme file

Added Gnome Shell theme

Changed destructive button background color to fit with the Gnome-Shell theme
Improved linked buttons in Gnome-Shell
Panel height now scales with font size
Other small improvements

Better pressed destructive and suggested button border
Improved osd buttons
Hovered primary-toolbar buttons now looks like normal buttons
Better contrast for hovered inactive tab background
Use border images for progressbars for more consistent look
Small fixes all over the place

Added button animations
Reworked selection mode
Nicer searchbars
Improved assets for the dark theme
Some minor tweaks and fixes

Nicer tab borders
Improved assets
Bug fixes

Add Gnome 3.14 support
Add global dark variant (with dark gtk2 theme)
Initial support for Elementary OS Freya (needs some improvements)
Reworked tabs (again) to be consistent across 3.12 and 3.14
Remove nautilus tab hacks

Add MATE support
Add XFCE support (panel need work)
Improve Unity integration
Improve Gtk 2 themes
Bug fixes
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fverdeja93 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Love it! But I'd like to report three things.
First of all, I don't know if you see it, but when your mouse is over an item on the shell panel it look really good, until you reach any corner, it look really awful how the rounded corner just cuts the gradient, it'd be better if you change this gradient for the same you use in Ceti but with this awesome grey.

Secondly, when you move through desktops, for some reason, you can't see the arrow which tells you where are you going.

And for last but not least, please, add a variant of the theme which works as the fist picture you show, like light for unfocused windows, and the normal version for focused ones, maybe backwards as well, and maybe one which is light when focused and the totally dark version for unfocused windows.

P.S: I'm really sorry if my grammar is bad, English is not my first language.
rkues Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Hello Horst! Me again. I'm finding some minor issues on XUL based applications (Thunderbird, Firefox, etc). Basically, the most annoying of it is the progress bar (when indeterminate - loading, it overflow the rounded borders), but Thunderbird (at least for me) looks awkward (a bit without contrast). I'll probably mod it later to look more like your theme :)

Well, here are some screenshots:

* Loading (bottom right):
* Loading (sending mail):
* Normal progress (sending mail also, looks OK):

Best regards,
horst3180 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the bug report. XUL is a little strange when it comes to rendering gtk2 themes but I see what I can do.
rkues Featured By Owner 5 days ago
No problem :) I know XUL is a PITA, I just use it because there's no better option (IMHO) :)

Well, another thing I noticed is a minor problem with scrollbars in Qt based applications using GTK, they don't use the whole scroll area. It may be the same problem because it uses GTK2 as well (AFAIK). One example is Skype, which renders the scrollbar like this, when:

* Scrolled to the bottom:
* Scroller to the top:

PS: do you prefer I open those bug reports on github instead of list them here?

Best regards,
horst3180 Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Ah yeah that scrollbar issue. The Gtk engine for Qt is sometimes just as bad as XUL. I will try to something about it, but I remember trying to fix that some weeks ago and it ended up breaking either gtk2 or qt scrollbar style.

Also reporting bugs on github is a good idea. They are much better to track there.
mainstreamVerachter Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
I've installed the theme under /usr/share/themes and set the permissions recursively to 755 but it doesn't look like it should be. I am running Gnome 3.12 on Arch 3.16.2-1. It must be a Vertex specific problem, because all others work well.
horst3180 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
I'm not sure what went wrong there. I'm running the same configuration and it seems to work fine.

Some things you could try to fix this:

1. Remove the folder and copy it again with "sudo cp -r  ...". If you do that the permissions should be right.

2. Install the theme locally to ~/.themes or ~/.local/share/themes. The only problem with that is that gnome-tweak-tool won't find the metacity theme if you copy it to ~/.themes and it won't find the gtk2 theme if you copy it to ~/.local/share/themes (genius). To avoid that you can symlink ~/.themes to ~/.local/share/themes.
mainstreamVerachter Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
Same problem. Is there some way to debug this? `journalctl -f` shows the following when I try to load your theme:

Sep 14 10:53:49 elitebook gnome-session[686]: [08:53:48.944954 Info] [GuiViewVirgilio] Screen is composited.
Sep 14 10:53:49 elitebook gnome-session[686]: [08:53:48.944966 Gtk-Critical] IA__gtk_widget_set_colormap: assertion '!gtk_widget_get_realized (widget)

There has to be a bug in the theme, cause every other GTK3 theme works fine.
horst3180 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
I still haven't managed to reproduce this bug, but you are right that is has to be something specific to this theme. I don't get any log messages when I apply the theme and there don't seem to be any syntax errors. What you could do is to launch several gtk3 applications from the command line and look for theme related error messges.
I've found the solution for my issue with the Vertex theme. It was a "unfortunate series of events". Your theme depends on the Default (/usr/share/themes/Default/) theme, that is not installed with gnome-themes-standard on Arch. I removed this theme some time ago without having trouble, but now i know that i shouldn't have removed it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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